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Travel etiquette

Prior to your journey, it’s important that you read your travel documents and the brochure thoroughly, so you know exactly what to expect on your Tour, what you are paying for, and so that you can look forward to it with a big smile. We urge you to also familiarize yourself with the following expected travel etiquette:


Why it’s Important to Follow Etiquette

Our Tours are of international standards and quality, and include travel companions from around the world. Showing respect for cultural differences often gains you respect in return. Being friendly and a part of the group makes it more enjoyable for everyone.



It is imperative that you maintain punctuality at all times—for departure times, optional tours, and meeting times—so that you do not get left behind and so that all participants can enjoy the tour. It is rude and unfair if your travel companions have to waste time waiting for you when they could be enjoying the destination. Moreover, your itinerary has been planned to maximize the touring experience, and on-time operation is necessary to ensure the planned itinerary can be followed. We are not liable for any losses you may incur because of poor timekeeping on your part. We urge you to read our Terms & Conditions to familiarize yourself with our liability in such situations.


Your Travel Companions

Passengers are usually of varied ages and professional backgrounds. Introduce yourself and try to mix with your fellow travelers. It is good manners and more fun for you than being on your own.

On-Tour Behavior

Showing respect and courtesy to fellow travelers during the journey will likely earn you the same in return and will result in a positive experience for everyone.

Traveling With Children

If you are a parent traveling with children, it is your responsibility to take care of them and tend to their safety. It is also a great way for children to learn about other places.

Your Touring Motorcoach

Eating, smoking and drinking alchocol on our motorcoaches is strictly prohibited, so you can enjoy your scenic drives in a clean, hygienic, and state-of-the-art environment.


For your own comfort, please travel light. On the motorcoach, carry only essential items in a small backpack to ensure it fits in the luggage rack or under the seat in front of you, rather than on your or your neighbor’s lap! Trolley bags that are used as carry-on luggage on airlines are too large for motorcoaches and are strictly prohibited on the motorcoach.

Your Tour Director & Driver

Every Coimbatour Tour is special because of the experienced, knowledgeable, and motivated Tour Guide / Driver cum Guide. These friendly professionals are highly respected, are trained in dealing with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and work hard to provide you with an enjoyable and hassle-free Tour. They will tell you delightful stories, give local insights, and work behind the scenes so that operational details are taken care of for the next day of the journey. They justifiably expect to be treated and respected as professionals.

Your drivers ensure that you have a comfortable and safe journey as you discover new places on your Tour. They navigate through heavy traffic and ensure your motorcoach is neat and tidy for your next day of travel. They, too, expect to be treated with courtesy

On-Tour Assistance

If you have an issue or concern, please approach your Tour Director, rather than wait for the situation to escalate, waiting until the end of the tour to bring it up, not bringing it up at all, or just discussing it with other passengers. The only person who can help resolve any situation that arises is your Tour Director. At the same time, be reasonable and understand that s/he is managing a large group. Everyone wants a wonderful travel experience—including your Tour Director!

In Rome, Do As Romans Do

People everywhere love to welcome visitors to their part of the world. They appreciate those who take an interest in their culture, so having an open mind will help you take away some great experiences. The best way to embrace the local culture is to do what the locals do—and on our Tours, you will have ample opportunity to do so!

It All Depends on You

We live in a wonderfully diverse world. One of the greatest benefits of travel is the opportunity to return with different experiences and new points of view. Consideration for others goes a long way toward making your own Tour experience an unforgettable one!