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The Church of South India (CSI) is the successor of the Church of England in India after Indian Independence. It came into being by a union of Anglican and Protestant churches in South India. It combined the South India United Church (union of the Congregationalists and the Presbyterians); the then 14 Anglican Dioceses of South India and one in Sri Lanka; and the South Indian District of the Methodist church with a membership of over four million, it is India's second largest Christian church after the Catholic Church in India. CSI is one of four united churches in the Anglican Communion.

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Infant Jesus Church - Coimbatore

Infant Jesus ChurchKovaipudur or rather Kuniamuthur and areas South and West of Palghat Road was in the beginning attached to the Cathedral parish. Bishop Visuwaram was searching for a suitable site on the National Highway of this area, according to his grand plans but he died before it was realized. It was attached to Madukkarai parish and since 05-10-1976, Sunday mass was celebrated in a house with the large Housing colony for the ‘Special Protection Force’ and civilian housing colonies mushrooming all over, a site was bought by the Diocese, with the picturesque back-drop of Vellingiri hills to the west. With local contribution a small chapel was put up and blessed on 19-04-1984. Sensing the desire of the people to have the Novena of Infant Jesus of Prague, the weekly Novena was started on 15-08-1985. As the number of devotees was increasing, a new church was constructed by Fr. Kulandairaj and it was consecrated on 04-06-1987 by Rev. Bishop Ambrose. On the same day Kovaipudur was erected a new parish with Fr.P. Irudayaraj as its first parish priest. By the side of the church, attached parallel to it a spacious open-air hall with overhead roofing was constructed (to accommodate the increasing Devotees.) by Fr. Lourdhu Irudayaraj and blessed by Rev. Bishop Ambrose on 12-01-1997. Finally a new separate presbytery was built by Fr. Lourdhu Irudayaraj and blessed on 23-09-2001 by Bishop Ambrose and also a new Grotto was built and blessed on 06-11-2003. A Grotto of Calvary was constructed and blessed on 15-08-2002. Fr. Dhanasekar built the stations of the cross with life like statues in the year 2005 and it was blessed by Bishop Thomas Aquinas, Fr. Dhanasekar with the collection from the devotees and from the parishioners has constructed “Thottil Gebi” (cradle or cradle chapel) to encourage the parents to lay their children in a cradle to get the special blessings of Infant Jesus. Thousands of people from all region and religion visit this Shrine and receive many blessings. On Thursday, during Novena, all those who receive special blessings give ‘witness message’ that encourage others to have more faith in Infant Jesus. Thanks giving letters are also offered on the feet of Infant Jesus.

Puliakulam St.Antony's Church - Coimbatore

Puliakulam St.AntonyThe Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly says, "at the core, the piety of the people is a storehouse of values that offers answers of wisdom to the great questions of life, i.e., the religious sense of the people has always found expression in various forms of piety surrounding the visits to sanctuaries, pilgrimages and visits to the shrines. Various forms of popular piety, rooted in different cultures, nourish the human life. We are blessed by God to say that the shrines in our diocese carefully clarifies them in the light of faith and certainly fosters spiritual enrichment in the lives of the pilgrims."

CSI Immanuel Church - Coimbatore

CSI Immanuel ChurchThe Diocese of Coimbatore is one of the 22 dioceses of the Anglican Church of South India (CSI). CSI Coimbatore Diocese is the largest in terms of area, covering the Nilgiri, Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Namakkal, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri. The diocese was formed at Brough Memorial Church, Erode, on 27 September 1950. It is based at Immanuel Cathedral, Coimbatore, in the state of Tamil Nadu, southern India. The diocese has 105 pastorates, 112 pastors, and a membership of 150,000.

Christ the King Church - Coimbatore

Christ the King ChurchMrs. Simon, the owner of a Tannery at Ukkadam, (The couples’ grave, with a huge cupola stands as a monument in the in the Sungam Cemetery, though in a dilapidated condition) had donated a large piece of land for a church on the Jail Road (the present site). As the Catholic population increased, in 1931, a temporary chapel was constructed and mass on Sundays and on some week-days were started, with a view to detach the sprawling area into a new parish, comprising the present Gandhipuram and R.S.Puram. In 1934, Rev. Fr. R. Beyls, who was the procurator of the Diocese then, undertook the construction, partly with th funds raised by Fr. Tignous in Europe and America and partly with diocesan funds, at a total cost of Rs. 74,000! It was blessed b Bishop Tournier on 27-10-1935. It was bificurated from the cathedral parish, as a new parish and at the same time a new presbytery was constructed. Rev. Fr. Chervier was appointed a its first parish priest (1935-1 940), who tirelessly worked to build up this new Parish. In 1941, the Sacristy was constructed by Rev. Fr. M. Savarimuthu (later Bishop) during his short tenure as Parish Priest for 6 months: (June 1940 Jan 1941) Rev. Fr. A. Laza (1 941-1 950) undertook many improvements. The Calvary Grotto was constructed as a remembrance of the first Mission by the .edemptorists. He constructed a balcony for the choir and bought : he grand Pipe-organ (the only one of its kind in the South). The - nain altar with its elegant hack-drop was constructed with marble tones, with the donation of Mr. Maria Pragasapillai and the altar was consecrated by Bishop Ubagaraswamy in 1944. Because the annual scourge of plague, so frequent in those days, a special chapel Ln honour of St. Sebastian was constructed, behind the church. He laid the foundations for the twin Belfries and partially constructed the Southern belfry, which was completed by his successor, Fr. S. Amidham, (1950-54). He also started the construction of the Lourdes Grotto, at R.S.Puram.

Fatima Church - Coimbatore

Fatima Church Gandhipuram Parish was inaugurated in January 1955 at St.Mary’s Primary School by Fr. Peter Damian. Rt.Rev. Francis Savarimuthu blessed the place & Br.Cosmos also contributed to the construction. Fr. Cassian an American & Provincial delegate was the architect of Fatima church.

Karunya Bethesda - Siruvani

Karunya BethesdaThe Lord appeared in a vision to Dr. D. G. S. Dhinakaran and Commissioned him to rise the Bethesda International Prayer Centre. He also thus explained the reason for it: "My son! When I lived in this world, of all that I did, the one that is close to my heart was to touch the sick with My hand and heal them! When you go to a town to conduct 'Jesus Calls Good News Meetings' nearly half-a-million people throng the ground. I come there, lay My hands on the sick and heal them. But after that, you don't go to that place again. Some times you go there only after 5 or 6 years. Till then where will those people experience My healing power? So, to enable those who travail in body, mind and spirit receive My healing touch, raise a structure like 'Bethesda' of the days of the Bible. When people come there and pray, and when Prayer Warriors apply oil over them and pray for them, I shall touch them with My hand and heal them. "True to this promise, the Lord has been blessing countless people, who throng to the Bethesda International Prayer Centre everyday. The miracles that people experience here are truly astonishing! Bethesda International Prayer Centre is set amidst the scenic splendor of the Siruvani Hills, 25 kms. away from the industrial city of Coimbatore. The landscape surrounding the Prayer Centre is beautiful with hills, waterfalls, green pastures and rivulets, providing the most peaceful atmosphere for prayer and meditation.