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Mettupalayam is a taluk of Coimbatore Rural district, located to the north of the city of Coimbatore on the way to Ooty. It is located in the foot hills of Nilgiris hills about 38 km north of downtown Coimbatore, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Mettupalayam is the third largest township in the district and one of the fast developing suburbs on the northern side of Coimbatore. As of 2011, the town had a population of 66,595.

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Koniamman Temple - Coimbatore

Koniamman TempleIn the past Tamilnadu was divided, Cheranadu, Cholanadu, Pandiya nadu, Kongunadu & Thondai nadu. Todays Coimbatore District, Nilagiris District, Erode District, Salem District, Karur District and Palani Taluk was called Kongu nadu. The city of coimbatore which is proudly named as the "Manchester of South" India has its cultural and religious heritage. The word Kongu nadu itself denotes the composition of temples in the region. Koniamman temple and Dhandumariamman temple are considered as two eyes of the city coimbatore. The history of the temple and deity dates back to 13th century A.C. HISTORY OF THE TEMPLE: The temple situated in the heart of the city, is built by a leader of a small cult Known as IRULAS Six hundred years ago. The small village was also named as COVANPUTHUR after the leader of this group. Whose name was COVAN According to the Cholan Poorva Pattayam in the Madras oriental Manuscript library. This Covanputhur later on changed as coimbatore. This ancient temple was situated in the north of coimbatore near sanganur stream. Later when there was a fear of "Chera" invasion the illangosar tribe which was ruling at that time, built a new fort and to guard this fort, they built a temple and named the Predominent deity as Koniamman of this temple. After this tribes ruling came to an end the temple also had a sluggish period. Realizing the importance of this temple, during the Mysore dynasty one of its kings renovated the temple and consecrated the Devi Koniamman in the style of "Mahisasura mardhani" from then on until to-day Goddess Koniamman blesses her people with love and grace. The people of coimbatore has staunch belief in the powers of this Goddess. The deity grants her followers, whatever they want when they pray her with all sincerity and piety. The Sculptural beauty of the Present statue is mervellous. Day by day the temple is developing and the glory of the deity is fast spreading. During Tuesdays and Fridays large crowd is coming to the temple to get the divine grace of the deity, especially women are coming in large number. Abisheka Thertham of this temple is considered as a boon for so many ill affected people.

Palamalai Ranganathar Temple - Coimbatore

Palamalai Ranganathar TempleThis is a hill temple. The devotee will not feel it difficult to climb the hill as there are green trees on both sides. As there were no sufficient stones to build the temple, the construction could not go through earlier. Suddenly, people heard a big sound one day. Next morning they found a big rock in splits. They began the construction with the rock splits and completed it successfully. Now there is a road to the hills for convenient driving of four cars. A private sector firm had also helped in building a big mandap. The consecration of the temple was celebrated a recently and the Padma Theertham tank was silted and cleaned. Today, it is a beautiful tank.

Ranganathar Temple - Karamadai

Ranganathar TempleAt Karamadai, a place near Mettupalayam there lived people by the name " Thottiyars ". One of the Thottiya had a (Karai Pasu) cow. All off a sudden, for a few days the cow did not give him milk. Filled with anger the thottiya followed the cow and found his cow shedding milk to a Kaarai bush, the thottiya became very furious and with his knife banged the bush and a sound exploded from the bush and blood started gushing out of the bush, people knowing this rushed to the spot and found a Suyambu inside the bush, the same night the God appeared in the dream of thottiya and ordered the thottiya to glorify him with " Chandana Kaapu ", So did the thottiya and found that it was a beautiful Ranganathar Suyambu (which is said to be growing in size every year).

Then Thirupathi - Sirumugai, Mettupalayam

Then ThirupathiA New Vishnu temple, name "Then Thirumala - Thirupathi" built in 2000 near Karamadai is very popular because of its scenic beauty. And the daily pooja's are similar to Thirupathi. One should definitely visit this place when coming to Coimbatore. A village called Onnipalayam (3 kilometers away from Karamadai) is also getting popular because of its natural beauty of Karadu malai and nearby agricultural lands. People might be remembered that Super Star Rajni movie "Bhairavi" had shooted their climax sequences in this village.

Idugampalayam Anjaneyar - Coimbatore

Idugampalayam AnjaneyarIn Idugampalayam, tentatively around 655 years ago during KrishnaDevaRaya period the 5'6" statue of Lord Anjaneyar was constructed by one called ViyasaRayar. The most highlighting special feature of this statue is that its distinctive posture (not found anywhere)and was made of a single monolithic rock, called as "Suyambu". On the right side of Lord Anjaneyar lies statues of Lord Vinayaka and Nandhi both were also carved out of a "Suyambu". To the pivot side of Lord Vinayaga,carvings of Kamadhenu shedding milk to Lingam can be found.Behind these statues a Suyambu Lingeswarar is seen. In an event when Lord Rama requested Anjaneya to fetch a Linga for his Pooja and since Anjaneya did not turnout for a longtime, Rama made the above said Suyambu Lingeswarar.On his return Lord Anjaneya tried to uproot the Rama's Linga to replace it with the Linga he brought and failed. So the Linga brought by Lord Anjaneyar is also placed beside the Suyambu Lingeswarar.

Vana Bhadrakaliamman Temple - Mettupalayam

Vana Bhadrakaliamman Temple"This temple is situated in Thekkepatti which is near Meetupalayam. This place was called Nellur Pattinam once .It was ruled by seven sisters called Aaravalli, Sooravalli, Veeravalli etc. They were all experts in magic as well as black magic. They wanted their country not to have even the smell of males. They caught hold of small kings near by using black magic and tortured them. Lord Krishna told Pandavas who were kings of Hasthinapura and requested them to put down these sisters. Bheema waged a war and almost destroyed them but due to their black magic was imprisoned by them. Lord Krishna using his powers managed to make Bheema free from their bondage. Hearing this Aaravalli told, “Are the people who are afraid of ladies men?” and sent a letter to Bheema. Pandavas became very angry and sent Allimuthu, their sister Sangvathi’s son to capture the Aaravalli sisters. Before entering Nellur Pattinam, Allimuthu, went to the Vana Durga temple and requested for the blessing of the Goddess. The goddess gave him a powerful sword and a handful of sacred ash. Allimuthu defeated the Aaravalli sisters and subdued them. They told him, “We are impressed by your valour. We want you to marry our daughter Palvarisai. Marry her and take her with you.” Since Palvarisai was pretty, Allimuthu agreed and married her. Unfortunately he forgot the sacred ash given by Vana Durga. At one point when he was very tired Palvarisai gave him the juice of a lemon given by her mother to him. Poor, innocent girl did not realize that the lemon was full of black magic. As soon as he took the juice, Allimuthu died. Hearing this Abhimanyu the son of Arjuna went to the world of Indra and brought the soul of Allimuthu in a bottle and made Allimuthu alive. After this all Pandavas went to the Vana Durga temple and requested for her blessings to put down the Aaravalli sisters. They entered Nellur Pattinam and defeated the sisters. One sister ran away to Kerala. The nose of the other sisters was cut and they were killed. They renamed Palvarisai as Valamma and married her again to Allimuthu. After that people started living peacefully in Nellur Pattinam. They were grateful to Vana Bhadrakali who was the one who helped them and started worshipping her. There was also another reason for them to worship Vana Bhadrakali. There was a place called Bhagasuran Kottai near the Vana Bhadrakali temple. This Asura was tormenting the villagers and eating one of them every day. Once it was the turn of a boy who was the only son of a clan. His mother was crying. Bheema who was there agreed to go To Bhagasura, instead of the boy. Instead of taking the food to Bhagasura, he started eating it. There was a big fight between Bhagasura and Bheema. But whenever Bheema cut Bhagasura in to pieces, the pieces again joined back. Bheema worshipped Vana Bhadrakali. She told him to cut Bhagasura in to two parts and put the two pieces next to each other but the cut ends on the opposite sides. Bheema did this and Bhagasura was killed. At the time of his death Bhagasura prayed Vana Bhadra kali and requested her to make him as a village protection God. She agreed. His temple is facing Vana Bhadrakali temple and is 200 feet away. In between them there is a temple of Aaravalli. Also there is a Muniyappa statue near the Bhagasura temple. Recently they have also constructed a Shiva temple near by. Vana Bhadrakali removes the effect of black magic and blesses barren woman with a child. They put lemon garlands to Vana Bhadrakali. The lemons from these garlands are supposed to cure all diseases."